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Snakez – Unity3D 2D Game

Hey lovely community out there. I’m not dead but really (really) busy. So sorry for the lack of updates. Anyway I managed to get my hands on Unity3D 5. All previous Pro features are now in the personal, free edition – just in case you didn’t know already.

For a small project to start with I decided to go with a simple Snakes clone. In about 2-3 hours I hacked the “game” together. Playable version will follow soon™ is available, just click Read More to play the prototype. Attached are two screens from within the game.

Update 2015-04-06:
Google has ditched the plugin support for Chrome. Try the WebGL (preview) version instead.

Snakez Snakez Info

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Frog Jump & Splash

Frog Jump & Splash 1.1.0 is released. It’s an HTML5 endless runner like game. Croaking, jumping and splashing. Oh and it’s free and should run in any modern Browser.
Development thread is over at HTML5GameDevs.

Title Screen

Title Screen





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One Shot a LD48 game – Android

My LD48 entry ‘One Shot’ is now available at the Google PlayStore!
Time your Shot, trigger a massive Chain Reaction, boost your Score into the Sky! Go and try it out, it’s free.

The prototype was done in around 3 hours of work with the help of phaser, a JavaScript / HTML5 game framework. Later on I ported this prototype to libGDX which is pretty awesome, go check it out when you are interested in cross platform game development. It works really great for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. iOS support is also available.

Still here? Great! Now head over to the Google PlayStore pick your Android device and play my game. Don’t forget to rate it and leave a comment there. I love to read comments. Really.

One Shot LD48

One Shot LD48


LD28 Here I Am

I made it into LD28. I hadn’t much time but hey I made something and it feels good. The chain-reaction prototype is powered by HTML5 and Phaser.

Ludum Dare 28 entry.

LD 28 Entry Chain Reaction

LD 28 Entry Chain Reaction


Dragon Raider

Heja. Long time no post, I’m sorry. But as a developer you’re always very busy. Anyway, I found some spare time to get my hands on iOS game development again.

As you’ve read the title of this post – hopefully – the working title is “Dragon Raider”.

The game has two simple core mechanics:

  1. Collect things
  2. Shoot stuff up

You control a little, yes he is cuddly, greedy dragon. Dragons like glittering, as you already know for sure. He wants all the Coins and Gems he sees. But there is one thing he likes most. The big TREASURE at the end of a level.

Coins doesn’t fly. Gems neither. The big TREASURE? No way. To collect all those shiny things he has to fly near the ground, to grab them. But there are some Rocks and Stones.

Crash into a Rock doesn’t hurt him, because he is a dragon – obviously. But he lose his collected shiny things, that’s not good. It’s better to avoid them. Or even better blast them up. Dragons can spit fire.

To be continued…