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Smash Orbs 2 is released, go try it out now on the Apple AppStore (iOS) or Google PlayStore (Android) and come back later to read the rest. Oh, and it's free! Finally, I got some time to make another game, the successor to my very first iOS game Smash Orbs, which was done with the help of Cocos2D. This time I used Unity 3D to create a cross-plattform game. I had to polish my C# skills, but it was totally worth it! A big problem - for me at least - is content creation. I'm more a techy guy not an artist. But I bite the bullet, fired Blender up and watched some YouTube Tutorials about basic modeling and UV unwrapping. Unity has made some big steps forwards in the last years. It now has an own Ad-Integration solution - yes Smash Orbs 2 has ads, but I implemented them in a not disturbing way (I hope so). The game is released as 1.0 but that doesn't mean it's done. I want to add some other nice features like GameCenter / Google Play Services / Leaderboards and such things. If you want to talk about Smash Orbs 2 just ping me at Twitter (@BigRob154) or write me an E-Mail.
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