A Tiny Painter

iOS AppStore This universal App ( iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad) is a simple drawing / painting App for Kids. The Interface is lightweight and easy to pickup. Get it for Free on the AppStore.

5 thoughts on “A Tiny Painter

  1. Dennis König

    Hello, I got tiny painter for iPad via the App Store.
    I also bought the add- Free Version.
    But the adds are not going away.

    What can I do?

    1. robin Post author

      Have you tried to close and quit the App – removed from the quickbar too, when double tapping the Home-Button?

  2. Thorsten

    Normal benutzt nur meine tochter das programm…heute habe ich dann die werbung ausgeschaltet…seit dem scheint es so als wenn das gemalte immer erst ca 3 sekunden verzögert erscheint. Das war doch vorher nicht so?

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